Alcohol Addiction Withdrawals

Alcoholic abuse, otherwise known as alcoholism, is a very serious disease and the effects can be quite lethal. Alcohol is very easy to obtain and it can be very easy to abuse as well. There are three negative effects that arise from the abuse of alcohol psychological, economical and physical.

The psychological effects of alcohol misuse can be incredibly severe. At first, alcohol can make you feel very relaxed and can give you a very carefree and pleasant feeling. But if it is drunk in excess, the drinker can obtain problems along the lines of anxiety and depression. It is an illusion to think that by drinking excessively you only damage yourself. Alcohol addiction causes family and legal problems. It also increases the likelihood of violence, changes of behavior, and suicide among other problems. Alcohol is a very dangerous drug and it can alter your normal behaviors.

Being an alcoholic can present some personal economic problems as well. Studies have shown that alcoholics cough up around $70 dollars a week, money which could be spent on better things. Also when intoxicated, it can be very easy to waste a lot of money because intoxicated persons can make very rash decisions. Then there are a whole manner of financial losses that may occur from legal troubles and all sorts of bad judgments by being under the influence.

The last effect of alcohol is physical. Alcohol is proven to be a cause of death and a lethal one at that. Alcoholics can contract cancer in numerous organs throughout the body. Alcohol may also have a very negative in the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Alcoholism also can cause the inability to physically function properly, feelings of depression, and a greatly decreased appetite. One of the more pronounced diseases that can arise from excessive drinking would be that of the liver of the liver. The worst physical consequence would be an eventual death after the buildup of these afflictions.

One awful physical factor of alcohol addiction is alcohol withdrawal. The symptoms from the withdrawal could range from mild to life-threatening. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms can be determined by how chemically dependent the drinker has become. When a person who has gone through alcohol addiction formulates a plan to stop drinking, he or she will go through a level of physical discomfort, making it terribly difficult to quit drinking on their own without the assistance or support of other people.

For the less chemically dependent, the withdrawal symptoms might be quite mild and usually involve getting the shakes, or the sweats.

Alcohol Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Rapid heart
  • Increased blood pressure

These symptoms can be uncomfortable and irritating, but usually not dangerous. However they are accompanied by a craving for alcohol, making the transition process difficult to maintain.

Heavy drinkers get a much more severe version of the shakes than the less chemically dependent and within six to forty eight hours hallucinations may develop. These hallucinations are usually visual but can involve sounds and smells, ranging for a few hours to weeks at a time. More serious are convulsions or seizures that may occur. If the withdrawal comes to that point it can be incredibly dangerous, if not medically treated.

Those problems could then progress to delirium tremens from three to five days with no alcohol. The symptoms include disorientation, profound confusion, hyperactivity, hallucinations and severe cardiovascular disturbances. Once delirium tremens occur, medical treatment cannot stop them. Seizures, a number of heart attacks and strokes can all occur, all of which can be fatal.

This is a mere portion of some of the consequences of alcohol addiction. The list just goes on and on, but you surely get the picture. The amazing aspect is how this can all progressively creep up on an alcoholic, and the last thing they want it to be is their friend alcohol, which is in essence stabbing them in the back so to speak.

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