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How To Spot If Your Loved One Is An Alcoholic


Every once and a while we meet new people that get involved in our lives more than we had known they would. As any friendships can grow to a long-lasting relationship and sometimes it can even evolve into something more than friendship we are left with not knowing all their darkest secrets. Which is good, people should have some things kept private.

However, when one of those darkest secrets is that the person is an addict it can lead to a shattering of any kind of relationship with heavy emotional repercussions. To spot if you loved one is an alcoholic is not an easy task, but if you look for the right signs you can definitely discern if one person is becoming an alcohol addict, or if he was one all this time.

– If the person lives for the weekend

- If the person lives for the weekend

The fact of the matter is everyone loves to relax after a long working week. Usually what happens is that on Friday people organize to go out and get a few drinks and sometimes they even connect the Friday and Saturday to ventilate their frustration that they have gathered over the week. However, even though its ok to have a few drinks, it should be considered a red flag if a person is working his whole week just so they can go out and get drunk for the weekend. Usually, these kinds of people are in their early 30s but it can continue all the way till their 40s and if there is nothing in their life that is keeping them happy besides the weekend drinks than they are either alcoholics in hiding or soon to become one unless they fix their priorities.

– If they neglect their social life circle for a few

drinking buddies

- If they neglect their social life circle for a few drinking buddies

Many people don’t even know when they get trapped in the alcoholic loop. What happens is that people start neglecting their normal friends because of they all don’t drink as much as them and end up only hanging out with other alcoholics. If your loved one is slowly neglecting his friends, that they have known for a long time, for a handful of people that also have a couple of red flags when it comes to alcohol abuse, then your loved one might be falling into the category if a potential alcoholic.

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