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Anna Stanley

This website is dedicated to sharing information that will help people in the fight against alcohol abuse. I have also done extensive research into the physical and psychological issues that come from alcohol addiction and what is the best way to apply all the professional methods when it comes to the perfect way to dealing with this illness. Mental health is an important factor in our lives and if we are not of sound mind it's easy to fall into the abyss that is the alcohol in our normal daily lives. So, come in and get yourself informed about the best practices in the scientific world when it comes to dealing with alcohol addiction.


8 Health Benefits Of Quitting Drinking

By Anna Stanley / 2018-09-05

If you quit drinking, then your quality of life will improve. Your health will also improve. Quitting drinking can benefit your health in a number of ways. Weight LossĀ  One can of beer has approximately 154 calories. That is why if you quit drinking, then you can expect to lose some weight. Better Night’s SleepĀ  […]


How To Spot If Your Loved One Is An Alcoholic

By Anna Stanley / 2018-01-16

Every once and a while we meet new people that get involved in our lives more than we had known they would. As any friendships can grow to a long-lasting relationship and sometimes it can even evolve into something more than friendship we are left with not knowing all their darkest secrets. Which is good, […]


How Alcohol Can Destroy Your Social Life

By Anna Stanley / 2018-01-09

We all know that many people use alcohol to boost their social life, especially when they want to go out and meet new people. However, alcohol can also have a negative impact on your social life and everyone you love. The trick is to not let alcohol dictate how you want to live your life […]


5 Ways To Leave Alcohol Addiction Behind You

By Anna Stanley / 2018-01-01

So, you came to an understanding with yourself, you want to kick that bad alcoholic habit behind you. You decided that alcohol and its presence in your life is not worth the tradeoff with the things you are losing because of it. Good! However, it can be hard for people who have had crazy lives […]


Facts About Alcohol Addiction

By Anna Stanley / 2017-12-24

Addiction to alcohol has mild to severe consequences towards the health and well-being of the alcoholics and, to a certain extent, the individuals surrounding them. The issue is very serious such that the problem is actively monitored by concerned agencies and continually explored by health researchers. Statistics about Alcohol Addiction The magnitude of the drinking […]


Seeking Alcohol Addiction Treatment

By Anna Stanley / 2017-12-15

Most alcoholics start out as casual drinkers and begin drinking larger amounts of alcohol over time. Alcoholics often ignore the fact that their drinking habits are unusual and make excuses for their drinking when friends or family members bring up the subject. An alcoholic may even become angry whenever someone confronts them about their drinking […]