8 Health Benefits Of Quitting Drinking

If you quit drinking, then your quality of life will improve. Your health will also improve. Quitting drinking can benefit your health in a number of ways.

Weight Loss 

One can of beer has approximately 154 calories. That is why if you quit drinking, then you can expect to lose some weight.

Better Night’s Sleep 

Getting the proper amount of sleep is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. You will be able to sleep better if you quit drinking. Many people drink alcohol because it makes it easier for them to fall asleep. However, alcohol can ruin your sleep quality. That is why you may spend the night tossing and turning if you drink alcohol before you go to sleep.

Improved Hydration 

Many people are hydrated and do not even realize it. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it causes your body to excrete water. This will not only cause you to get dehydrated, but it can also cause skin problems. Rosacea and eczema are some of the skin ailments that can be aggravated by dehydration.

Prevent Heartburn 

Alcohol can irritate your stomach lining. This can cause your stomach to produce more acid. That is why alcohol can cause heartburn. If you give up the alcohol, then you may be able to prevent heartburn.

Fatigue Prevention 

Your body functions are supposed to slow down while you are sleeping. However, your kidneys will work hard while you are sleeping if you drink alcohol. Your brain may also be deprived of the oxygen that it needs if you drink alcohol before you go to sleep. That is why alcohol use can lead to fatigue.

Better Mood 

Many people drink alcohol because it makes them feel good. However, you may feel depressed after the feeling goes away. You will have a better mood after you quit drinking.

Protect Your Liver 

Every ounce of alcohol that you take has to be filtered by your liver. Long-term alcohol use can lead to liver damage. It can also cause you to develop cirrhosis, which is scarring of the liver. You will protect your liver if you quit drinking.

Protect Your Heart 

Alcohol can raise your blood pressure. It can also weaken your heart muscle. You can reduce your risk of heart disease if you quit drinking.

How To Spot If Your Loved One Is An Alcoholic


Every once and a while we meet new people that get involved in our lives more than we had known they would. As any friendships can grow to a long-lasting relationship and sometimes it can even evolve into something more than friendship we are left with not knowing all their darkest secrets. Which is good, people should have some things kept private.

However, when one of those darkest secrets is that the person is an addict it can lead to a shattering of any kind of relationship with heavy emotional repercussions. To spot if you loved one is an alcoholic is not an easy task, but if you look for the right signs you can definitely discern if one person is becoming an alcohol addict, or if he was one all this time.

– If the person lives for the weekend

- If the person lives for the weekend

The fact of the matter is everyone loves to relax after a long working week. Usually what happens is that on Friday people organize to go out and get a few drinks and sometimes they even connect the Friday and Saturday to ventilate their frustration that they have gathered over the week. However, even though its ok to have a few drinks, it should be considered a red flag if a person is working his whole week just so they can go out and get drunk for the weekend. Usually, these kinds of people are in their early 30s but it can continue all the way till their 40s and if there is nothing in their life that is keeping them happy besides the weekend drinks than they are either alcoholics in hiding or soon to become one unless they fix their priorities.

– If they neglect their social life circle for a few

drinking buddies

- If they neglect their social life circle for a few drinking buddies

Many people don’t even know when they get trapped in the alcoholic loop. What happens is that people start neglecting their normal friends because of they all don’t drink as much as them and end up only hanging out with other alcoholics. If your loved one is slowly neglecting his friends, that they have known for a long time, for a handful of people that also have a couple of red flags when it comes to alcohol abuse, then your loved one might be falling into the category if a potential alcoholic.

How Alcohol Can Destroy Your Social Life


We all know that many people use alcohol to boost their social life, especially when they want to go out and meet new people. However, alcohol can also have a negative impact on your social life and everyone you love. The trick is to not let alcohol dictate how you want to live your life or spend your day. The moment you wake up during the weekend you have a choice if you are going to have a few drinks that day and enjoy the benefits of relaxing with a few friends over a drink, or if you are going to get smashed from alcohol so bad, that you will be recovering for the next two days.

What is important to understand when enjoying your drinks is:

– It’s not going to be boring if you have only a few drinks

Having a few drinks won’t lead you to have a crazy night where you are full of blackouts. But it will boost your social speaking skills and even bring your guard down so you can relax better in a social setting.

Alcohol has always had a higher price than any other drink.– Being drunk is expansive

Alcohol has always had a higher price than any other drink. In fact, in many countries, it has a specifically high price so that people won’t be drinking so much. The price of the drink can vary, but being drunk every week can cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars which could have been spent for a gym membership or for an upgrade of that tv or mobile phone you needed for several months now. But instead, if you spend it on alcohol that you will eventually evacuate from your body in the bathroom you will be literally pissing away your money.

– It has severe effects on your health

It has severe effects on your health Alcohol may help you talk with people during a night out, hell it may even lead you into some crazy situations that will have a lot of crazy memories that you will tell your friends for years to come. But what will also happen in a couple of years is that you will have damaged your health and sometimes in non-reparable levels. Drinking too much can have both a psychological and physical negative effect on your health so don’t overdo it, it’s not worth it.Alcohol may help you talk with people during a night out, hell it may even lead you into some crazy situations that will have a lot of crazy memories that you will tell your friends for years to come. But what will also happen in a couple of years is that you will have damaged your health and sometimes in non-reparable levels. Drinking too much can have both a psychological and physical negative effect on your health so don’t overdo it, it’s not worth it.

5 Ways To Leave Alcohol Addiction Behind You

5 Ways To Leave Alcohol Addiction Behind You

So, you came to an understanding with yourself, you want to kick that bad alcoholic habit behind you. You decided that alcohol and its presence in your life is not worth the tradeoff with the things you are losing because of it.

Good! However, it can be hard for people who have had crazy lives due to alcohol to now suddenly stop and lead a “boring” kind of life without all the crazy blackouts and situations where they meet so many new people. What if I told you that a life without being drunk all the time is not as boring as you may think? What if I told you, you can have an even better social life now that you have kicked away your bad health habit?

Well if you don’t believe me then read down below how we can break down that your life is just now turning a new and exciting page.

– Start a gym membership

5 Ways To Leave Alcohol Addiction Behind YouYou are probably out of shape for all those nights where you got a drink and slept the next day or two. Don’t worry everyone that goes to the gym is not buffed. In fact, half the people there are trying to get in shape and lead a healthier life. If you are afraid you won’t have money for this venture, remember that getting drunk every week or every day was a far more expansive deal than paying for a one-month gym membership. Start slowly and work your way up, you will even meet new and exciting people here.

– Do that thing that you always wanted but had no courage to try

alcoholic-habit-behind-youEveryone has that one thing that they wish they could do, but they don’t have the courage to try. But let’s get real, you just decided to quit drinking, you probably went through hell and back and now you want to lead a better life. This is the best time to grab life by the throat and do that thing that you always wanted. You have nothing to lose! People who quit a certain habit find themselves with a ton of time, so it’s time to focus all that energy into your goals. Don’t be afraid to make that first step it may lead you to a fulfilling life and it’s all because you went to hell and back and survived. You earned this!

Facts About Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Addiction to alcohol has mild to severe consequences towards the health and well-being of the alcoholics and, to a certain extent, the individuals surrounding them. The issue is very serious such that the problem is actively monitored by concerned agencies and continually explored by health researchers.

Statistics about Alcohol Addiction

The magnitude of the drinking problem extends to about 8% of the population in the United States. The effects of alcohol addiction are not just confined to the alcoholic individual; instead, these effects ripple outward encompassing family and friend circles and even communities surrounding the individual. This rippling effect makes alcohol addiction a serious issue that needs to be addressed so that the risk of spreading the problem is minimized.

Statistics about Alcohol AddictionOn a more specific note, about one in four children aged 18 years old and below are exposed to physical or psychological abuse related to alcohol. Alcohol dependence within the family also ends up in domestic violence which can be very challenging to track. As more individuals become alcoholic, the risk of spreading the addiction is accelerated at an alarming rate. The consequences for health and well-being of alcoholics are even more pronounced.

Health Risks Associated with Alcohol Addiction

Scientists have long documented the physical, psychological, and behavioral effects of moderate to excessive alcohol drinking. Certain organs of the body are badly affected by alcohol consumption. In addition, a long list of literature provides the proper documentation of the onset of a variety of health issues arising from this addiction.

Facts about Alcohol Addiction

Facts about Alcohol AddictionDevelopment of cardiovascular diseases is a particular health risk associated with alcohol consumption. Liver cirrhosis is also among the most common diseases. For pregnant women having this addiction, the risk of fetal abnormalities increases significantly.

Aside from the diseases directly associated, the use and abuse of alcohol also contribute to violent and unwieldy behaviors leading to vehicular accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. For work professionals, productivity can be influenced significantly by habitual absenteeism. Erratic behavior is also developed which complicates the working environment.

Stages of Alcoholism

Alcohol consumers are classified into low, moderate, and heavy drinkers depending on the amount consumed per day. Guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) suggest that moderate drinking is limited to two standard-size drinks per day for men and one standard-size drink per day for women.

Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a longstanding issue affecting the health of the individual and the welfare of the people surrounding the alcoholic. Due to the negative effects of the problem, possible solutions to alleviate the effects of addiction are better educative campaigns and imposition of heavier penalties.

Effects of Alcohol AddictionThe effects are obvious to one’s health. Depending on the longevity of the alcoholism it can leave a huge impact on your liver, on your lungs, skin, teeth and many other organs. However, the bigger effect of alcohol addiction is always the psychological issues that arise from being an alcoholic. Alcohol has been known to destroy families and its usually responsible for people losing their jobs, ending up in jail and many other bad consequences in life.

Seeking Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

Most alcoholics start out as casual drinkers and begin drinking larger amounts of alcohol over time. Alcoholics often ignore the fact that their drinking habits are unusual and make excuses for their drinking when friends or family members bring up the subject. An alcoholic may even become angry whenever someone confronts them about their drinking problem.

Seeking Alcohol Addiction TreatmentIf you are an alcoholic, you may have a difficult time coming to terms with your problem but it is important for you to get help before it is too late. You may feel like the best way to quit drinking is to go cold turkey but it may not be safe for you to quit drinking without proper medical supervision. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe and in some cases, they can be deadly.

Signs of Alcoholism

If you only drink alcohol on the weekends, you may not feel that you need help for alcoholism but if your friends or family members have a problem with your drinking patterns you are likely abusing alcohol. Drinking and driving or drinking during work hours is another common sign of alcoholism. If you feel like you can no longer control your drinking habit, you crave alcohol or you feel the need to drink each day in order to relax you should get help 800-303-2482 right away.

Seeking Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Hiding alcohol, drinking first thing in the morning and lying about how much you are drinking are all indicators of a serious drinking problem. If you ever neglect your responsibilities at work or fail to live up to your parental obligations then you need to take the steps necessary to get sober.

Alcoholics often do not realize how their drinking is affecting their friends and family members. They may not understand how their behavior bothers the people around them. If your spouse, children, friends, family members, co-workers or neighbors have an issue with the amount of alcohol you consume you should seek treatment for alcoholism. In most cases, family or friends will mention that your drinking bothers them. They may say that they are worried about your health or they are embarrassed by the way that you are behaving.

How Alcohol Addiction Treatment Works

Usually, the treatment has to start with the wish to quit from the alcohol abuser. It’s hard at first but sometimes these people need to be reminded what they are losing with their addiction, and if they continue down this path that they will eventually stay alone and miserable. When the desire to quit has been established its time to get professional help.

How Alcohol Addiction Treatment WorksMeeting other alcoholics and participating in therapy sessions with professional counselors can help you regain control over your life. Additionally, being admitted into an alcoholic recovery center can help an alcoholic deal with their boredom and help them see that there are things that they can do besides drinking to have some fun and happiness in their life. Treatments can last a long time but it’s important to never allow yourself to relapse as this is the most common mistake alcohol addicts do.